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One of the top geofencing advertising companies, Moreseos LLC is committed to helping you expand your company. With pinpoint accuracy, our geofencing advertising services target rivals’ locations, industry events, and more.

What are geofencing advertising services?

When a user enters a specific area, such as a college campus, a rival business location, or a suburban neighborhood, geofencing services employ location-based ads to advertise your company to that user. Businesses can use geofencing services to entice new customers and employees.

Innovative strategies that set us apart from other geofencing advertising companies

Targeted fences

We concentrate on developing tailored geofences for the greatest outcomes. We make sure we're maximizing your visibility to your target demographic by concentrating on a small size. We also make sure that users can easily check in at your location if they are only a five-minute drive away rather than having to travel for thirty minutes.

Actionable advertisements

Every advertisement ought to include a strong, standout call to action (CTA). Because of this, our skilled Internet marketers produce advertising that inspires your target audience to take action. Our advertising encourages them to click and take action, whether that's by going to your booth, store, or online.

Optimized audience data

Our geofencing marketing campaigns are developed using a wide range of audience data. We can use data from lists of email subscribers, members of loyalty programs, or even client testimonials to create a competitive campaign that serves your target demographic with pertinent ads.

Progressive management

Progressive monthly management is part of our geofencing advertising services. Our staff evaluates and improves your campaign to increase its effectiveness and yield better results for your company. Other geofencing advertising companies use a "once and done" strategy. That wastes your advertising cash because it doesn't produce lasting results.

Are you prepared to grow your business and generate sales? We can assist you in putting a successful geofencing campaign into place, whether your company is based in New York City or California.

Grow your brand with geofencing advertising.

Campaigns for digital advertising must be precise. With the help of geofencing technology, we can precisely target specific places and target populations. Targeting a certain area based on the locations, gatherings, and events of your competitors might result in advertising campaigns that perform better and generate a higher return on investment (ROI)

An example of geofencing advertising

The retail industry provides a geofencing advertising example.

American Eagle, a well-known and established brand, aimed to boost sales. In response, it installed geofences all around shopping centers that featured American Eagle stores. A remarketing audience was created when users who fit the target demographic entered the geofence.

The business then showed this group advertisement for limited-time deals, such as rewards for trying on clothing at an American Eagle store. The business was able to contact people while they were on the go because these advertisements were displayed on mobile apps and mobile websites.

In summary, the marketing effort enticed customers to return and shop at American Eagle, and geofencing enabled them to triple in-store sales.

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Key benefits of geofencing advertising

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